2019 Fox-Lefever Challenge at Hausmann's

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2019 Fox-Lefever Challenge at Hausmann's

Postby Mike of the Mountain » Thu May 09, 2019 8:54 am

2019 Fox vs. Lefever Challenge Rules

1) Competition is open to members in good standing of the AHFCA or LACA as of May 1st, 2019. Updated rosters will be on hand to verify current membership status. Dual members of AHFCA and LACA must choose ONE Association to represent at time of registration. Anyone attempting to shoot for both Associations will be disqualified.

2) Shooters must use a shotgun promoted by the organization they choose to represent. Those shooting A.H. Fox guns and representing the AHFCA are limited to Fox guns manufactured in Philadelphia, PA, Utica, NY and New Britain, CT (CSMC Fox models). Those shooting Lefever guns: Legitimate Lefevers are those guns made by Dan Lefever or one of his companies (Lefever Arms Co. after he left.). This includes Ithaca made Lefever guns with side plates but excludes Ithaca made Lefever Nitro Specials and their derivatives.

3) All those who wish to compete in the 2019 Fox/Lefever Challenge must first shoot the 10-12-16-20 gauge on the 5-Stand course at Hausmann’s. This course will serve as the “Qualification Round.”

There will be a $10 fee to enter the qualification round for the Fox/Lefever Challenge. This fee will be split between the two organizations and help defray event expenses and raise a few dollars for them.

You may shoot the 5-Stand as many times as you want to, but only one round may be used for score and you must declare your "for score" round on your score card and at the Lefever or Fox booth before you shoot.

All shooters must first pay and acquire their score cards from the registration office located in the Hausmann’s garage. You’re simply signing up to shoot the 10-12-16-20 in the 5-Stand event, period. No need to mention the FLC. Before you shoot, bring your scorecard to the Fox or Lefever tables (located inside the vendor tent). Here is where a Fox or Lefever official will register you for the FLC. Immediately after shooting, return your score card to the Fox tables for recording. After tabulating, it will be returned to the registration desk at Hausmann’s.

Any gun may be used (10G thru 20G). The gunner will specify the maker and gauge when signing up at the AHFCA or LACA tables. You may shoot more than one qualification round (utilizing the same maker’s gun) with a separate signup each time. The gun used for your qualifying score must be the gun used in the Challenge shoot-off. (10-12-16 or 20g)

4) Qualification round(s) may be shot all day on Thursday June 6th and Friday, June 7th. Completed scorecards must be back into the AHFCA/LACA tables no later than noon on Saturday, NO EXCEPTIONS. A blackboard in place there will rank the lead qualifiers and will be updated as scores are tallied throughout the day.

5) The Top-5, high-scoring Fox and Lefever shooters will be selected for the respective Challenge Teams.

6) The Fox–Lefever Challenge round will be conducted on Hidden Hollow’s 5-Stand field immediately before the Bo-Whoop/WCL Shoot-Offs on Saturday, June 8th @ 2:00. A flip of the coin will decide the first team to shoot.

7) A total of 125 targets will be thrown for each team of 5 gunners. High cumulative score will decide the 2019 winning team. The cumulative score for each team will be calculated as follows: The sum of scores recorded by the Hidden Hollow scorer + the official Lefever scorer + the official Fox scorer. That sum will be divided by three (3) and rounded to the second decimal place. (Each scorer will use a hand operated mechanical counter.)

8 ) In the event of a trap malfunction during a team’s attempt at the Challenge targets, the Hidden Hollow official will void that team’s score and a new round of 125 targets will be shot.

9) The wearing of Eye and Ear protection is required of all competitors.

10) All Hidden Hollow/NSCA rules will apply for ammunition and maximum allowed shot size.

11) All shooters who qualify for the Challenge Team will receive an official Fox/Lefever
Hat to commemorate this epic contest.

11. All shooters must have fun, be safe and conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner becoming of these two, fine organizations!
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