Handicapped Sub-Gauge Event @ Rock Mountain

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Handicapped Sub-Gauge Event @ Rock Mountain

Postby Mike of the Mountain » Sat May 26, 2018 2:01 pm

For those in the area after Ernie Hausmann's event-

Greetings!! We hope you are enjoying your rather "damp" spring in NEPA (or wherever you are)!! Sunday, June 10, Rock Mountain Sporting Clays will host a Handicapped Sub-Gauge Shoot. 100 birds for $35 with an optional $10 Lewis Class. For those unfamiliar with this handicap, here's how it works- if you use a 12g O/U or semi-auto, your score stands. If you use a SxS or pump gun you get 5 birds. If you use a hammer gun you get 5 birds. If you use a 16g you get 3 birds, a 20g gets 5, a 28g gets 10 and a .410 gets 15!! Handicaps are cumulative, a .410 SxS hammer gun gets 25 birds!! A 16g pump gets 8. A 28g O/U gets 10. Got it? Any questions please call 570-965-7625 during normal business hours or go to our website at Rock Mountain Sporting Clays . We hope to see you on the 10th. Shooting starts at 9:00 and you must be on the course for your last, or first round by 1:00. We also have a custom blue stone trophy for the HOA shooter. See y'all soon!!
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