Ithaca NID Retro-Fit Ejectors

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Ithaca NID Retro-Fit Ejectors

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A late NID No. 2(E) 16-gauge appeared on GI today. It appears to me that the ejectors were retrofitted. Instead of the normally seen separate stem for each ejector --
467653 09.JPG
it has a split stem through the hole an extractor stem would use, like Fox or Parker used --
464842 01 No. 2E, 30-inch.jpeg
Instead of the widely spaced ejector hammers for the separate stems --
467653 10.jpg
the gun offered has the ejector hammers bent towards the center for the split stem --
464842 08.jpg
Also, the forearm doesn't have the lever and the rocking bloc the lever actuates (as in Charkes King's design for the Parker Bros. forearm latch) but we can see the hole for the pin the block would pivot on in the forearm iron. The forearm just has the "Baker" J-spring as used on the late extractor forearms. No serial number on the forearm iron either. Anyone seen this before? Done by Ithaca Gun Co.?
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Re: Ithaca NID Retro-Fit Ejectors

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I’m not sure I can add anything other than, no, I’ve never seen an Ithaca like this before. My first opinion would be, this was not done by Ithaca.

Only my opinion,
Stan Hoover
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