A.H. Fox with many unique features

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A.H. Fox with many unique features

Postby Kent » Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:13 am

I have an oldA.H. Fox SS 12ga. I inherited from my father. He was a collector for many years. I have shown the gun to a few "knowledgeable" people in the central Il. area and have heard widely varied opinions on the guns value.
I believe it to be a grade A from 1914-1915. For starters, there is a double hit from one the patent stamps where the barrels attach to the stock. (forgive me if my terminology is not correct) Is this like a double strike on a coin that increases value because the "mistake" went into circulation? Next, from what I have read the A grade had little to no engraving but this one has a fair amount of engraving. Another oddity is that the stock and forearm are not original. I understand that this would normally hurt the value however the person that carved the stock and forearm is one of its' prior owners, Neil Hartliep master engraver. I have confirmed via messaging and photo exchanges with Glen Hartliep, Neils son, that this gun did indeed belong to his father and that his father did carve the stock and forearm. It belonged to his father in the 50s and this is one of his earliest carvings. He didn't start engraving as a profession until 1963. Neil eventually literally "wrote the book" on the basics of engraving for the NRA. The first person I showed it to was a gun dealer. He was honest enough to say he wasn't sure, "maybe around $3000" and recommended I take it to a dealer/auctioneer in a nearby town. I did. That dealer said he never heard of Neil Hartliep and offered to "take it to a show and ask around." After a few months and several firm phone messages I went traveled back to the shop and waited until the owner arrived. When I asked what he'd found out he said he asked around and the gun would "only be around $1000 because it wasn't original." When I asked if any of the people he showed it to knew anything of Neil Hartliep his face went blank and he said " he didn't ask anyone." He said "he tried looking him up and couldn't find anything." After taking back possession of the gun I pulled out my phone and googled Neil Hartliep and showed it to him and said I was surprised he couldn't find anything. Sorry about that little rant but that dude ticked me off! If any of you can give me some guidance on the value of this firearm I would greatly appreciate it. I have attempted to attach some photos but all of the files are too large. If you would like to respond and offer an email I would gladly send pics. Thank you
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Re: A.H. Fox with many unique features

Postby Silvers » Tue Dec 03, 2019 8:55 am

If your pics are on a smart phone send them to your computer, then reduce the size of each pic to no larger than 900 x 1200 before posting here from the computer. Same if they were taken with a digital camera. Pic posting directions are in a sticky in this forum. Trying to comment on your Fox without GOOD pics and tech specs is like asking for the value of a ‘57 Chevy with many unique features.
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Re: A.H. Fox with many unique features

Postby JasonPeck » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:19 pm

Kent, it sounds like an A-grade with late style engraving. https://www.foxcollectors.com/fox-gun-g ... -directory

The double-strike for the patent date is rather common and does not affect value in my opinion. Pictures will tell the rest of the story.

And remember if you are a member of the AHFCA you can order a free factory card to check the original configuration and also who bought it.
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