I couldn't let this one lay.........

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Re: I couldn't let this one lay.........

Postby Sporrns » Mon Nov 25, 2019 11:49 am

Yeah, Frank - there was a very cherry Savage Fox Model B-SE .410 with ejectors and vent rib at our local gun show this weekend, but the $1500 price tag I thought was a bit 'steep' (as in close to vertical). Tried to do a trade with my early standard version in .410 (DT, extractor, plain rib) thrown in with cash but got the now-standard, "Im trying to get out of them" brush-off. Kevin
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Re: I couldn't let this one lay.........

Postby Fin2Feather » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:22 pm

Not a B, but here's my Stevens .410 stamped 5100. Square receiver, extractors, standard rib, F/F, double triggers and splinter forend (or as much of a splinter as Stevens ever have :D). No date code which should mean it's pre-1949. As I recall it's well under 6 pounds. Lots o' fun...

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Re: I couldn't let this one lay.........

Postby Silvers » Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:18 pm

One more Fox B/Stevens 311 data point. So I was at the Allentown Forks Show in October and being a member I got in on the early entry. About 10 minutes later and in the second row there was an outstanding, absolutely mint/probably unfired Stevens Model 311 410 (double triggers, extractors, plain but somewhat high rib, no serial number) and it had a $700. price tag on it. The Dealer was busy and I picked it up and quickly decided I wanted the gun. Its stock wood was unusually well figured. Then the Dealer came over and said it was already sold. That confused me as it still had the price tag attached. OK, I went around the show, talked with some people and hours later I decided to swing by the Dealer gent's table on the way out. The 410 was still on the rack with the $700. tag. So now I'm a bit skeptical and told the gent I have a C&R and I gave him a substantially higher cash offer "if his $700. deal isn't firm" . The Dealer hesitated, said he already had the $700. from someone else and declined. Here today, I'm still not sure the Stevens was sold or he was just showing it to get a feel for what it could bring.
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